What Is the Work of an RBI Assistant?

The Reserve Bank of India is one of the most prestigious institutions in the country and is also called the central bank of India. It conducts several national level competitive examinations. One such position is the RBI Assistant.

The position comes with a well-respected title and the opportunity to join one of the most reputed financial institutions in the country. The RBI Assistant Exam takes place once every 2-to 3 years and recruits candidates for clerical posts at different branches of the Reserve Bank of India. The job offers quick growth perspectives and the chance to maintain a work-life balance.

How to apply for the RBI Assistant examination?

A candidate needs to have a graduation degree and be between 20-28 years old to apply for this examination. However, there are different age relaxation brackets for people from different castes, widows, candidates with previous experience working with RBI, and more.   Visit BYJU’S Exam Prep to receive the latest updates regarding the exam such as vacancy, exam date, syllabus, and more!

There are less than 1,000 vacancies for this post, and over lakhs of candidates aim for the post. Though the examination requires rigorous preparation, with BYJU’S Exam Prep, you can plan your journey to achieve the destination of qualifying for the RBI Assistant examination.

Candidates need to clear 3 levels

For getting this job, candidates need to clear 3 levels, the prelims, mains and the language proficiency test. Once you have successfully cleared all the stages, you will be allocated one of the four zones and could be posted in any of the following cities:

  1. South Zone: Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Thiruvananthapuram (including Kochi).
  2. West Zone: Ahmedabad, Bhopal (including Raipur), Mumbai (including Belapur, Pune, and Panaji), Nagpur.
  3. North Zone: Chandigarh (including Shimla), Jaipur, Jammu / Srinagar, Kanpur, (including Lucknow & Dehradun), New Delhi.
  4. East Zone: Bhubaneswar, Guwahati (including all North Eastern states excluding Gangtok), Kolkata (including Gangtok), Patna (including Ranchi).

Since it is a clerical-level job, there are various tasks that the assistant has to execute. The responsibilities that an RBI Assistant is expected to undertake are:

  1. i) Oversee the transactions and ensure that financial security is maintained.
  2. ii) Regularly monitor the issuing of currency and its circulation.

iii) Check all the documents submitted by banks and the general public and ensure that they are verified.

  1. iv) Attend and look after the government treasury and related work.
  2. v) Carry out all accounting-related functions, such as preparing and maintaining ledgers, tally balances, and collecting and keeping accounts of receipts.
  3. vi) Enter all day to day transactions in detail in a computerised format.

vii) Check and reply to all concerned emails. Along with this, keep records and logs of all emails.

viii) Maintain all files and compile all important documents on time.

  1. ix) Respond to all queries falling under the RTI.

Undertaking these tasks and executing them smoothly comes along with several benefits, such as:

  1. i) 8 working hours, only 5 days a week.
  2. ii) Coverage on the medical expense of the employee and their family.

iii) Education loans with a low rate of interest

  • Provision of multiple paid leaves
  • Posting only in cities and not rural areas
  1. iv) Scope of further promotion in the following levels:
  2. Manager
  3. Senior Manager
  4. Chief Manager

These promotions take place through the normal process as well as merit based method.

The Reserve Bank of India is a vital and respected institution. Being a part of the central bank of India is a matter of great pride for any individual. As an assistant in the RBI, your role will also be highly crucial to the institution and the country. There will be several responsibilities on your shoulder, and you will be expected to carry them out in a smooth and organised manner.

To begin your journey to be a part of one of India’s most respected and prime financial institutions, start with the structured and simple lessons offered by BYJU’S Exam Prep. Get access to all details at your fingertips, from the syllabus to questions of the previous years. Polish your preparation and get started today. All the best!

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