What is Ansys Maxwell, and How Does it Work?

There is numerous software available in the market made for engineers to analyze and design two-dimensional and three-dimensional structures like actuators, motors, transformers, etc.

Ansys Maxwell is a similar comprehensive industry-leading software that stimulates electromagnetic fields for the analysis and design of different electro-mechanical devices.

What is Ansys Maxwell?

Ansys Maxwell is a well-known EM (electromagnetic) field solver for transformers, electrical machines, permanent latches of a magnet, actuators, wireless charging, and other electromechanical devices. It can solve frequency domain, time-varying, and static electric and magnetic fields. Ansys Maxwell also provides specialized interface designs for power converters and electric machines.

This virtual EM Lab will give you an essential competitive advantage with reduced costs, improved performance of a system, and faster time to market.

How does Ansys Maxwell work?

Ansys Maxwell can precisely work as:

  • A low-frequency EM Simulation for electrical machines:

Ansys Maxwell can give a very precise characterization of the transient, nonlinear motion of electro-mechanical effects and their components on the control system and drive circuit design.

Therefore, by leveraging Ansys Maxwell’s electromagnetic advanced field solvers and linking them seamlessly to the systems simulation and integrated circuit technology, you can get to know the electro-mechanical system’s performance long before building or creating a hardware prototype.

  • Product specs:

Ansys Maxwell provides trusted simulation for EM fields (low-frequency) in industrial components or products.  It includes two-dimensional and three-dimensional magnetic transient, magnetostatic, AC Electromagnetic, DC conduction, electric transient, and electrostatic solvers to solve the field parameters accurately, including torque, force, inductance, capacitance, impedance, and resistance.

  • Slice-only technology:

It enables a repetitive and cyclic simulation technique for applications of electric motors. The analysis has improved by solving a slice of motor efficiently, using a symmetric mesh, employing boundary conditions that are non-planar, and replicating the results to the whole model.

What are the applications of Ansys Maxwell?

  • Electric motors: The Ansys software on electric motor design progresses to detailed EM (electromagnetics), mechanical and thermal electric motor analysis from a concept design.
  • Power electronics: Simulation gives the power electronic tools to solve challenges like complex and high-level design efficiently, drive innovation, and improve performance.
  • Charging (wireless) simulation: Ansys power transfer (wireless) solution incorporates thermal, electrical, and magnetic system performance, especially for wireless chargers.
  • Power transformers: Ansys gives a comprehensive solution that includes electromagnetics, system-level model, and Multiphysics for system and circuit performance.
  • Magnetic Actuators: It is a design methodology that covers the analysis and design of solenoids and magnetic actuators that, including inductances, forces, flux densities, eddy effects, closing time, thermal performance, and system-level incorporation simulation.
  • Magnetic sensors: Ansys simulation magnetic sensor tools provide a complete simulation solution of system-level engineering and integration of electromagnetic solutions in a common or same desktop environment.
  • Induction heating: It requires robust Multiphysics framework simulation to couple the thermal and EM behaviour And Ansys tools give the best workflows and tools to enable this technological mechanism.
  • Switches and circuit breakers: These involve coupled Ems and electric fields with fluid and thermal flow and mechanical stress. Ansys will provide every solution that covers every aspect of a circuit breaker design.
  • Biomedical of low frequency: Wireless charging, defibrillators, bio-impedance, bio-sensing, nerve stimulation, MRI, and addition of body models of humans require low-frequency EMs. Ansys gives every solution related to physics and other applications of bio-medics.


Ansys Maxwell software is very accessible in general and this virtual electromagnetic lab offers you an important competitive advantage with reduced costs, improved performance of the system, and faster time to market. Learn elaborately about Ansys by enrolling in automotive embedded software courses.

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