Well-known esports players in India you should learn from

Video gaming has become a popular sport, attracting tournaments and competitions worldwide. India has participated in a few and won like in the 2018 Asian games. This is thanks to talented players who have become household names. Discover online casinos India and join in the journey toward greatness like these players.

Ankit panth

Ankit is a household name in India, thanks to his contribution to the gaming sector. He started playing video games at the age of 15fifteen years when he encountered Counter-Strike in a cafe next to his home. With an increase in age and advancements in the game’s complexity, however, he now plays the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which is legal in the country.

Being a fine player has seen him get a series of top-notch deals. They include being a brand ambassador for Intel and Alienware companies, as well as recognition by Red Bull for being first India’s gaming athlete.

Aadii Sawant

Sawant is a popular e-game player, attracting a fan base of 10 million people on youtube and over 2 million on Instagram. 

He initially started as a BGMI Mobile player on PC but later transitioned to streaming content such as Dota 2, Grand theft, Counter-strike, Defense of the Ancients, and Auto 5 on his social media platforms.

Although a business management graduate, “Dynamo,” as he is popularly known, is making a career out of gaming, having transitioned as a full-time player.

Tammy Singh

Better known as Scout, Singh doubles as a video games player and a content creator. His prowess in gaming can be traced to his excellent performance in the esports tournaments he has participated in, like Battleground Mobile India Series 2021, ESL India Premiership in the 2020 summer season, and PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia. 

With a combined audience of over seven million people on Youtube and Instagram, Scout uses the platforms to live stream games where he teaches others how to play the games and other trending content in the industry. He is the founder of TeamXpark, a PUBG Mobile-based esports team that began operations in 2019.

Shagufta Iqbal

With esports being more gender neutral, women are giving men a run for their money, and Iqbal is among them. 

She is a professional software engineer but left her job for a full-time career in video gaming. Her favorite games are BGMI, PUBG,  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends.


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