Top Tips for Choosing Sofa and Chair Slipcover Fabrics

There are several undeniable benefits of slipcovers for your sofas and chairs. You can extend the life of your furniture considerably and refresh the looks of your interior easily, quickly, and affordably. They also protect the upholstery from getting dirty from frequent use and active children and pets. While your choice of the slipcover fabric will have a significant aesthetic impact, you will need to consider other factors to make the best selection. Some essential tips for choosing the best fabric for your sofa and chairs covers:

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Since one of the main reasons you are buying a cover for your sofa or chair is to protect them from wear and tear, you will want a strong and durable fabric. As a rule, synthetic fabrics are stronger than natural ones, which mean polyester-cotton blends will work better than pure cotton for furniture that sees heavy use. Another good option is the chenille, which offers good value with its combination of strength and beauty. You may like to avoid printed or heavily-textured fabrics for sofa covers that have a lot of traffic because the patterns and the textures tend to wear out in the places where people regularly sit. A better choice is a woven fabric, as the design does not have wear and tear issues.


The choice of fabric color will significantly impact the aesthetics and mood of your home. For example, contemporary colors on vintage furniture can give an edgy urban vibe to the room, while the use of light colors on large sofas in a relatively small space can make it look bigger. The choice of the chair cover color is a matter of personal aesthetics. However, if you pick light shades, you will find that you need to put in more effort in keeping them clean. If you intend to keep your sofa clean, go with darker colors, but if you are keen to give your living room a makeover, you can choose dramatic colors and pair them with cushions, rugs, mats, and more in contrasting colors and patterns as you desire. With slipcovers, it is far easier than before to keep up with the changing seasons or give your home an instant makeover for an upcoming event.


Even after you find a durable fabric that matches the color you want, you need to be sure it is low on maintenance. It is advisable to avoid natural fabrics like cotton and linen if the sunlight falls on the furniture for long, as they can fade. It is better to choose microfiber fabrics if you have sensitive skin, as they do not attract dust. According to Homes and Gardens, microfiber is durable and can resist stains and fading. You must select a fabric that is easily washable at home. You can also consult professional services such as house cleaning services Phoenix.


Even though you may assume choosing fabric for your sofa covers is a simple affair. However, it is much more than choosing a color and a pattern. Ideally, you will want a fabric that not only looks good but is durable, fade and wrinkle-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.

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