Top 6 Books to Start Trading at Forex

Some people believe that activities, like Forex trading and betting at Bet20, are easy activities that allow you to make a fortune quickly. In fact, they are much harder than you think, and you should improve your skills beforehand. In the case of Forex trading, the following books will be helpful for beginners and professionals.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

The book was written about a hundred years ago, but it’s still popular. Many readers express the opinion that it is worth beginning an acquaintance with stock trading. It is not a self-study book, but a story of the successes and failures of one famous man. The book is written in an artistic style, but the prototype of the main character was Jesse Livermore. He was known as the greatest speculator in human history. Many times he lost every last cent and many times he won large sums. And he never stopped there.

The main character recounts his difficult life, beginning when he first graduated from high school. He worked in a brokerage firm, learning everything from the beginning, which he describes in detail. Gradually he became more and more immersed in the field, wanted to become rich and successful, and was able to develop his own method of winning money. His path was hard, but Larry always found the strength and motivation to go forward, rising after each fall. His example is inspiring, showing that persistence is rewarded.


This is a frank account by a top manager of a major investment company about his job as a hedge fund manager.

In genre it is simultaneously a memoir (the author once founded his own hedge fund and managed it), a collection of professional fables and a thriller. In fact, a talented textbook for the investment manager, which thoroughly discussed almost all the typical problems of working in the financial market and analyzed the prevailing attitudes and dogmas of the profession.

Way of the Turtle

This is the first book written by a member of the legendary experiment in the field of trading. For the first time laid out in detail what and how he taught beginners of the experiment Richard Dennis – “Prince of the Pit”, as he was dubbed in stock trading circles. You will learn what markets the Turtles traded in, what entry and exit tactics they used, what trends they followed, how they calculated risks, what limitations they were obliged to observe and why some Turtles failed, while others made millions. And the main thing is why the practical experience in trading in the past or its absence did not play any role.

Technical Analysis

The book, written by renowned expert in the field of financial markets, Jack Schwager is the most comprehensive study in the field of technical analysis. The book contains basic concepts, methods, trading techniques, indicators and systems. The main emphasis is made on the practical use of analytical methods when working in financial markets.

The book is designed for professional traders, as well as for beginner investors working in the futures, stocks, bonds and currency markets.

The Psychology of the Forex Market

This book is a fascinating insight into the decisions that determine exchange rates. It sheds light on the psychology behind spectacular market events as well as the subconscious processes involved in making daily trading decisions. In his fascinating analysis of the research of various leading global market participants, Thomas Oberlechner draws on the first-hand expertise of the professionals whose decisions shape the market.

Trading for a Living. Psychology. Trading Tactics. Money Management

In this book you will find a set of rules and techniques of successful trading, allowing you to save the capital during unfavorable periods and to multiply it greatly during positive time periods. The book contains not only the methods of market analysis and effective trading strategies but also information about the psychology of successful trading. According to the author, psychology is the main secret to success. It is noteworthy that while writing the book Elder used his personal experience of successful trading.

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