This Isn’t the Real Yify Site!

YTS is short for Yify Torrent Solutions. You may notice a YTS logo on the YIFY site. If you visit the site, you’ll see the YTS logo link to TV series and movies on the website. This isn’t the real YTS site! Here are a few things to look for when visiting the YTS website.

Kickass Torrents

The kickass torrents website was shut down after it was reported for violating copyright laws by various film and software companies. Despite the fact that it was not stealing, it was a site used by many for illegal commerce and copyright infringement. As such, it can be difficult to navigate new sites, but there are plenty of alternatives. If you’re still looking for a torrent site, try The Pirate Bay. It is now the top torrent site in the world.

Unlike many other netlogs sites, Zooqle verifies torrents. Its website also offers alternative download options. If Kickass doesn’t work, you can always try its clone instead. It hosts a huge library of torrents, and it has gained a large following in a short amount of time. So, you can get a good taste of labatidora torrents using the site. If the main site is down, there are also mirrors of Kickass Torrents on other P2P sites.


The creator of panoramio didn’t think much about movie piracy until his friends blew up the website. In 2014, the site was the largest movie pirate website online. It allowed people to watch pirated movies that were free and legal, but they were in no way authorized by the content owners. But YIFY’s popularity is proving to be so successful that its creators are now facing lawsuits for piracy.

A website that claims to be the original yify site is not. It may be a spin-off site trying to take over the site’s credibility. But the fact of the matter is that the YIFY team is forced into silence, so they can’t disprove the claim or deny their work. The real YIFY website is still the best place to find quality movie torrents.


You’ve probably heard of tinypic and YIFY, but what is the difference between the two? YTS is an extremely popular torrent index that began as a very effective piracy group for motion pictures. Since then, YTS has grown and changed along with the torrent universe, but one thing has remained the same. YTS provides the highest quality files. Other torrent sites do not place such an emphasis on quality, but that’s not the case with YTS. This website’s network is like a hydra that hits many nodes at once, allowing users to easily access the content they need.

In addition to its copyright issues, fullmaza was also being sued by the MPAA. It’s illegal to distribute copyrighted material, but YTS was able to settle with the MPAA out of court. However, this was not enough to keep the site running. YTS became a victim of its own success, and it’s a shame. While YTS is no longer active, it is still a useful source for downloading movies and TV shows.


There are many different ways to watch YTS movies and TV shows, but EZTV is probably the easiest way to go. In addition to network programs, this site offers an assortment of IMDB-rated movies and TV shows. Its home page includes trailers for most films and shows so you can see what to expect before you start watching. It also offers a Countdown page so you can see what’s coming up next.

Although EZTV doesn’t have the same amount of content as the original site, you won’t find ads on it. It also offers many of its own torrents. You can sort them by video quality and genre. EZTV is not the real YIFY site right?, but it does work. Just make sure that you’re using a proxy and a VPN or proxy service to protect yourself from malicious sites.


When searching for a YIFY alternative, you might find a few options. One of them is Bitport. This site allows you to download torrents and watch movies online, but it doesn’t have as many limitations as Bitport does. Bitport is one of the best YIFY alternative sites, so make sure you check it out. You will be able to download movies in both 1080p and 720p formats.


Another YIFY alternative is Kickass Torrents. This site is an excellent torrent client. It has a large library of movies that you can download to watch later. It has a similar interface to YIFY, where you choose a movie, choose the size and quality, and then download the movie through a torrent client. It’s one of the best YIFY alternative sites because it offers the largest library of movies.

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