The amazing coaching career of Radomir Antić

Radomir Antić is probably one of the most beloved figures in the history of Atlético Madrid. Punters can visit to wager on this squad. Among other things, the Serbian helped them to win two La Liga titles in the 1990s. However, there is much more about Antić’s coaching career that deserves to be mentioned. For starters, he was the manager of many different squads in Spanish football besides Atlético, such as:

  • Real Zaragoza;
  • Celta Vigo;
  • Real Madrid;
  • and Barcelona.

Punters can place excellent wagers on all these teams at the 1xBet website. As it can be seen, the Serbian coached the two biggest teams in Spain. He is only one of two coaches to achieve this feat. However, Radomir Antić is the only coach ever to have coached Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid. That makes him one of the most important figures in Spanish football history. 

Going to Spain

Radomir Antić was a football coach between 1985 and 2015. He started his career as assistant manager of Partizan. You can enjoy all 1xBet streams for you, which also feature matches from this Serbian team. He was part of the coaching staff of the Serbian team until 1988. At that moment, and seeing a lot of potential in him, Real Zaragoza decided to sign him as head coach.

This kickstarted the Serbian’s career in Spain, where he coached different teams between 1988 and 2004.

Things weren’t easy for Antić at the beginning. In fact, Zaragoza was stuck in the mid-part of the table during his two seasons on the team. Currently, all 1xBet streams are available for you, and you can use them for enjoying matches from La Liga.

However, his team took off in the late stages of his second season, and finished in a surprising fifth place. This also allowed them to ensure a historic qualification for the UEFA Cup.

A Madrid firefighter

In 1991, Real Madrid was having lots of institutional and financial difficulties. Also, things weren’t working quite well on the field. The website also has all matches of the squad from the Spanish capital to wager on.

Antić was called to the rescue, as his campaign with Zaragoza didn’t go unnoticed. He stabilized the team and helped it to return to their spot as a Spanish and European powerhouse.

However, the biggest success in Antić’s career came between 1995 and 1998. At that time, Atlético Madrid was also experiencing a lot of trouble, and they trusted in the Serbian to overcome their problems. All matches of Atlético can also be wagered by visiting the 1xBet website.

Their gamble clearly paid off, as the squad had spectacular seasons under the Serbian’s guidance. This led them to two La Liga titles, in one of the best moments in the history of the team.

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