Is Minimum Wage Going Up in Mass 2022?

With the passage of the Massachusetts minimum wage law, a grand bargain that promised years of reforms for workers and employers alike, the state has joined a growing number of places raising the wages of low-income workers. In fact, 21 states and 35 cities and counties will increase the minimum wage in 2019 and beyond, making Massachusetts the ninth state to raise the minimum wage. Whether or not the Massachusetts law is successful will depend on the state’s ability to enforce it.

Tipped employees minimum wage will increase to $6.15 an hour on January 1, 2022

The federal minimum wage will remain at $7.25 an hour for non-tipped employees and $2.13 an hour for tipped employees in 2022, but many states and localities are increasing their minimum wage rates. In the chart below, you can find the minimum wage increases in each state and major locality for 2022, including changes to the tip credit and minimum cash wage for tipped employees.

Tipped employees are generally paystub maker those who earn less than the federal minimum wage and receive tips from customers. According to the Department of Labor, tipped workers earn at least $30 in tips per month. Some states, however, have different standards. To find out which workers are considered tipped, visit the department’s website. Tipped employees will have an hourly wage increase on January 1, 2022.

Employers will have to post labor law notices

Massachusetts laws require employers to post labor law notices to their premises. Posting these notices is required for all employers with one or more employees. Sole proprietors and partnerships are not required to post, but any employer with one or more employees is required to do so. In order to comply with the new laws, employers should consider putting up both Spanish and English versions of the posters. This will give their employees the opportunity to read the notice in both languages.

In addition to Federal and state labor law notices, Massachusetts requires employers to post certain notices. These notices must be posted in a prominent and easily accessible location. The requirements are frequently updated, so it is important to keep up with changes. If you do not keep up with the changes, you may be subject to a fine of thousands of dollars. To avoid this, it is best to purchase a poster that includes all of the required notices.

Cost to employers

In a bid to attract workers, the minimum wage by state 2022 is increasing across the country. It is already $15 an hour in California, New York City, and Westchester County. This change will raise the wage floor in those areas twice a year: on Jan. 1 and July 1. In New England, four other states will also increase the minimum wage floor in the next year. Connecticut and Rhode Island will go the incremental route, raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour on January 1, 2023, and 2025, respectively.

The increase is not without its downsides. For employers, the increase will raise costs by about $3 billion. However, it will only affect companies that have fewer than 50 full-time employees. Businesses with more than five employees will not benefit from the tax credit. This means a Massachusetts minimum wage increase could end up hurting companies’ profits. In other words, businesses are not only paying more to their employees, but are also paying higher taxes and losing customers.


Despite the widespread support for increasing the minimum wage, it is not easy to know how to make that money. Many Americans don’t have the money to purchase the things that they need. This is especially true for people in low-wage jobs who have little money to spend. But a $15 minimum wage can help alleviate some of these issues. According to the Congressional Budget Office, an increase of this kind would raise the incomes of many underpaid workers and reduce poverty.

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