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Is Forex Fury a Scam?

Do you believe that all Forex EAs in the market are scams?

It is natural to feel disappointed and paranoid about Forex EAs when you’ve had a bitter experience. Many people have shared their disastrous experience of trusting an incompetent Forex EA for their Forex trading.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing that we can do about useless Forex EAs. But, we can help revive your trust in advanced Forex EAs in the market. Forex Fury is one great example in that regard.

Today’s post will provide an in-depth review of Forex Fury. We will discuss its powerful features, pricing, and customer reviews.

Let’s begin with the proper introduction of Forex Fury.

Forex Fury 

Forex Fury is a 100% automated forex trading robot, packed with smart features to help you ace your trades. It is created by the amazing team of Rypax Inc., which has also created many other awesome Forex products.

Forex Fury is one of the well-performing and highly-advanced Forex bots with a winning rate of 93%.

The developers have designed its features to be equally beneficial for every kind of trader, i.e., from beginner to advanced.

While we are on the subject of features, let’s take a brief look at some of its remarkable features:

What Are The Main Features of Forex Fury?

  • User-Friendly 

Forex Fury is easy to download, install, and use. A user doesn’t have to hire someone to install this bot. 

Furthermore, irrespective of their trading experience, any trader can easily use it and change its settings. 

Moving on to its 2nd benefit, which is:

  • Performs Well With Popular Trading Platforms

There are many Forex EAs that have compatibility issues with trading platforms. Some of them only work with a specific platform. And some Forex EA’s performance lags with some trading platforms. 

Traders sometimes have to change their existing trading platform to make their EAs work. But, that’s not the case with Forex Fury. It works seamlessly well with all major trading platforms.

The third remarkable feature of this Forex EA is:

  • Advanced Trend Filters 

Experienced Forex traders never open a position without thorough analysis. They observe price movements, market behavior, the effect of major news on the market, etc., before investing their capital.

Hence, traders need advanced filters and options to understand the market. Forex Fury has a wide range of different filters. The trader can understand the market trend by choosing his desired timeframe.

Up next, we have the 4th feature of Forex Fury.

  • One-Time Payment 

Unlike different Forex products that require monthly or yearly payments, Forex Fury charges you only once. 

You only have to pay at the time of purchase, and that’s it. No service charges, membership fees, or monthly payments.

The 5th remarkable feature of Forex Fury is:

  • Amazing ECN Support 

Forex Fury supports ECN to help traders make the best out of their trades. Moreover, the advanced money management system works great for growing traders’ live trading accounts.

Up next, we have the 6th feature, which is:

  • Lifetime Customer Support 

Forex Fury has outstanding customer service. A customer can discuss the issues he’s facing with customer support, and they will resolve them quickly.

Does Forex Fury Work Just Fine?

Yes, Forex Fury works perfectly with your live and demo trading accounts.

After downloading it, you can install it by following the guidelines and instructional video provided by the customer team. The installation process takes hardly 10 minutes. In case any problem occurs, the customer service team ensures to support you.

Forex Fury’s Latest Version This Year!

Forex Fury developers constantly strive to bring the best features to their customers. For this purpose, they always upgrade their current features and include new features. 

The best part about their upgrades is that all their customers get them free. They don’t have to pay a dime to use the upgraded version. 

Forex Fury rolled out its latest version, BETA V5, in 2K22. The developers included some highly beneficial features for the forex traders. 

Firstly, the traders have provided the option of enabling or hiding the SL/TP. Traders are quite happy with the developers for including this helpful feature. 

Another feature that has been included is an advanced News Filter. Being one of the most volatile markets, major political and economical news highly affects currency prices in the forex market. Traders must stay aware of all the major news that hits the market. Forex Fury’s News Filter option is helpful for traders to stay updated with all the news. Moreover, they can also search for specific news by using different news filters.

The developers have also included a Money Management adjustment feature. This feature enables a forex trader to maintain stable performance and grow his profits. The money management adjustment feature is also helpful in reducing risks and losses. 

Apart from the money management adjustment feature, developers have also added Martingale strategy adjustments. This strategy is considered a safe refuge for traders during unfavorable market conditions. It also safeguards traders from losses and protects their capital. Forex Fury’s Martingale strategy is aggressive, and traders are over the moon for this newly added feature.

Forex Fury Settings 

Despite being an advanced Forex EA packed with powerful features, it is user-friendly for every type of trader.

The trading experience doesn’t matter when using and setting trading parameters in this Forex bot. A beginner trader can use it as easily as a seasoned forex trader. 

When a person decides to buy a Forex bot, an important question lingers in his mind ‘Is this forex bot profitable?‘ So, let’s answer this important question by discussing the profitability and winning rate of Forex Fury in the infra paragraph.

Is Forex Fury Profitable Enough?

Forex Fury is packed with smart and advanced features to help you grow your account and earn good profits.

According to its developers, Forex Fury’s win rate is 93%. They have 15-year backtesting data to support their claim. Maybe that’s why Mr. Patrick Ryan wass able to double his money using this efficient Forex trading robot:

Forex Fury MyFXBook Trading Results

When Forex Fury makes any claims, it does so by providing proper proof. Take a look at Forex Fury’s trading results on MyFXBook. 

It clearly shows that Forex Fury helps boost traders’ profits.

Forex Fury Price Plans – How Much Does Forex Fury Cost?

Forex Fury offers 2 plans for Forex traders. Both of its plans are reasonably priced and affordable for traders.

Gold Package

Diamond Package

The gold package provides a license to 1 live trading account. The diamond package provides licenses to 2 live trading accounts.
The gold package is priced at $229.99. The diamond package is priced at $439.99.
This package is popular amongst beginner and intermediate traders. While the diamond package is popular amongst advanced forex traders.

All the Forex Fury customers receive lifetime customer service, free membership, and the latest updates absolutely free. You only have to pay once to get entitled to all these benefits. 

Forex Fury Client Reviews 2K22

Reading customer reviews posted online is the best way to learn about a product and company. Reviews provide insight into a product’s performance and the company’s behavior with the customer. Thus, we highly recommend you always read customer reviews before giving your money for any product.

The following are some of the reviews by some REAL forex traders on Sitejabber. Forex Fury also has a 4.6-star rating on the same website.

Take a look at some of the top reviews shared by clients.

Is Forex Fury Truly Amazing?

After learning about Forex Fury’s advanced features, winning record, and positive client reviews, it’s safe to say that it is one of the best Forex EAs available in the market. 

Plus, its prices are super affordable for the features and remarkable services it provides.

The Final Verdict: Is Forex Fury a Scam?

Forex Fury is, in no way, a scam. Forex Fury is one of the best and most advanced Forex EAs available to date. If you are interested to learn more about it, visit its official website and social pages. It will help you gather more information about the product, its policies, and terms and conditions.

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