How to prepare for NEET without coaching

Preparing for NEET without coaching is not a walk in the park. During the phase of preparation you need to put in a lot of efforts coupled with hard work. Apart from joining neet online classes you need to have a strategy in place. Candidates who prepare for these exams without online classes are aware that they need to be prepared with a time table and adhere to the relevant strategies. You also need to be aware that this is an exam that is administered in a paper and pen format. Most of the experts are of the opinion that self – study is the best way to ace these exams.

The syllabus of NEET should be familiar to the aspirants. They should not act in the heat of the moment. The medical students need to split each topic and comprehend the other chapters giving chapter wise weightage on each topic. Most of the aspirants would be familiar with the exam pattern.

Most of the responses indicate that 75 % of questions that are asked in the NEET exams follow the NCERT pattern. It is suggested that you follow the NCERT books when you are studying for these exams. The moment you will start preparing for the exams it is obvious that you will be having queries and doubts. neet online coaching will address any queries that you have.

It is better if you make a note of all the questions and then try to answer it first. With practice questions are answered easily. If any of the doubts exist you may ask your school teacher to explain them. In a doubt session the student needs to lay emphasis on what are their doubts. It would help them to clear their session within the specified time frame. Apart from that clearing doubts will enable the students to clear the exams with self- confidence. They are in a positive frame of mind.


Self- study tips that you can follow

Even with technologies emerging and the population of the world growing there is no substitute when it comes to self- study. Education is not something that is restricted to your classroom and some argue that it is an out-dated concept. It does not align with the modern demands of education according to a lot of people.

Self- learning activities require a lot of discipline, and may seem to be challenging at first. but with the passage of time things do become easier. If done properly self- study turns out to be a proactive method. Once in a while you can seek help from platforms like Infinity Learn. There are subject matter experts who can guide you at each and every step of your education journey. It could turn out to be beneficial if you trying to learn a topic for the first time. Below are mentioned certain tips when it comes to self- study

  • Preparation is the key with a nice environment to bank upon- When self – studying you need to have a proper environment. Once you do this you will have a psychological impact to learn in that location
  • The course material is to be reviewed the same day you learn it- The moment you take notes from the next chapter in your book, review the new content that you have prepared. This may turn out to be a time- consuming task, but this not the case. Reviewing helps in the long term absorption of the content and there is no need to review it in the future.
  • Understand what works best for you- There are numerous methods of learning. So it is vital to implement the various methods and try to figure out which one works best for your brain. An example is some students prefer hand written notes rather than typing whereas others would love to read loud. Understand what works best for you and then stick to it.
  • Smart and regular study sessions and the way to proceed- Rather than approaching a study session like a marathon, divide the session into small sessions and take small breaks in between. In this way you will not be looking at the books or computer for a long time. Your concentration levels will remain intact and the brain will be able to catch in information properly. When you are self- studying it helps if you study in short breaks.
  • The set objectives should be attainable- The study objectives that you set need to be compatible with the other responsibilities during the course of self- study. You can set yourself a particular time of the day where you will be studying. After a week or so you may take a pause to refresh yourselves.

By following the self- study methods you can clear NEET at the first attempt.

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