How to Advertise Your Business Using Instagram Stories

Instagram has close to 2 billion active users at the moment. And this creates a reliable source for an audience for your products or services. The site has different features that you can use to advance your marketing. And part of what works well for businesses is Instagram stories. You can share images or videos on Instagram stories. If you plan on sharing videos, then it would be important that you use the right video maker for content creation. currently serves as the best video maker in the market you can bank on.

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Advertising your business using Instagram stories isn’t a difficult thing to do. Here are a few tips that can help you sail through easily:

Promote Timely News

Using Instagram stories, you can promote sales, new products, giveaways, late hours, discounts, and even new blog posts. The 15 seconds is enough to create hype and excitement for any latest news you have about your business. As long as you have a decent video maker that can help you create amazing content, then what is stopping you? On the other hand, you can opt to use photos instead of videos for your Instagram stories. In addition, an eye-catching GIF can also form the basis of your Instagram story.

You also need to add a call-to-action text to the content you upload on your Instagram stories. Then you can provide the viewers a link of where you’d want them to go after hitting the call-to-action button.

Make Use of Poll Stickers to Drive Engagement

A poll only takes about a second to participate in, and this is why many love to use them. They are a great way to excite your audience and also know their thoughts on certain matters concerning your business. You can easily conduct a cheap market survey using polls on Instagram, thus, driving engagement.

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If you look at most Instagram influencers, you will find that they love to use these poll stickers. And this should encourage you to do the same to increase the number of people interacting with your brand.

Use a Quality Video Maker

To get consistent content that can help drive engagement and traffic through Instagram stories, a video maker will be important. With a quality video maker, you get thousands of templates that you can use to create content for Instagram marketing. Furthermore, they have the exact dimensions that Instagram needs for its stories. You should give it a try today.

But, not just any video maker can do the job right for you. It is important that you choose the right tool for the job. In this case, you’ll need to choose a video maker that has gained the trust of many other Instagrammers.

Leverage Instagram Story Ads

If you have a budget for marketing, you can add a bit of Instagram stories into the mix. It is very effective in marketing your business. You don’t have to be a big name brand to reach a wider audience using Instagram story ads.

You can even opt to add hashtags to your story when advertising it. But to conceal them, you can add a sticker or make the hashtags the same background colour as the image or video.

Use Highlights

In addition to the 24 hours you get to share your Instagram stories, you also get a more extended period through highlights. Therefore, if you have a story that you feel deserves more than a paltry 24 hours, then have it on in the highlights section. You can even add a special title for that story so that anyone visiting your page can see it.

Instagram highlights are also important because they give more viewers a chance to view your stories. Supposing you posted a very important update and you’re not fully confident that everyone saw it, then you can use Instagram highlights to maintain it present for them.

The highlights will be there for as long as you’d want them to. This means that you can keep an epic story or one that resonates most with your values for longer.

Host chats using Chat Stickers

You can equally engage your viewers on Instagram stories using chats that they can engage with. This gives your Instagram stories some Snapchat-like functionalities. You simply need to add a chat sticker to your Instagram story and you’re down for the chats coming from your viewers. The topic you discuss will depend on whatever your business needs decide. It is also a great spot to get users’ feedback on the products and services that you offer. You can also get feedback on your brand in general.

Final Thoughts

So, folks, that’s how you need to advertise your business using Instagram stories. Are you ready to do so? Then leverage the power of a video maker to create amazing content for your Instagram stories. 

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