How Can Car Drivers Ensure Safety of Non-Motorists on Roads?

Driving on roads includes a shared responsibility. As much as we are accountable for personal safety, so we are for the security of other travelers, pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, and vehicles on the streets.

While car drivers have a layer of protection in the form of seat belts, airbags, and the car body to shield them from harm, the same is not the case with cyclists and pedestrians. They stand highly exposed to accidents, injuries, and even mortality. It is precisely why you need supplemental vehicle insurance.

The best car insurance is extensive. You can consider comprehensive car insurance the best in the field as it covers third-party vehicle/property damage as well as damage to your own vehicle, legal costs (up to a limit), fire and theft incidents, fierce weather events, etc.

We have some tips on safe sharing of roads so the non-motorists can have a worry-free commute.

Maintain a safe gap

Since the non-motorists belong to a more vulnerable category of commuters, it is best to ensure a safe distance between your vehicle and them. Otherwise, you are more likely to accidently crash into them when you don’t watch your driving. It may seem like a minor accident for a car driver, whereas the accident’s impact can be huge for non-motorists.

Car drivers may be slapped with a fine for any breach of safe distance rules and incur demerit points when they cause trouble for those outside the car. So, it is always better to stay at a risk-free distance from pedestrians, cyclists, and motorbikes.

Check blind spots

These spots are hidden by your vehicle’s structure or parts of the road that aren’t visible in your rear-view mirrors. Not paying attention to these spots may lead to vehicle accidents. Focus on vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, and motorists in the blind spots. The reason for this being they appear tiny and sometimes invisible.

Along with checking your rear vision mirror, the best thing to do is turn your head and look over your shoulder to examine the traffic behind your car or have blind spot mirrors. Another solution is to have large mirrors and check now and then to drive away peacefully.

Be mindful

Observing the traffic is crucial to making driving decisions. In times of parking or pulling out your vehicle from a parking bay, taking a U-turn, while turning left/right, before and while reversing, when changing lanes or merging with the rest of the traffic, opening/closing car doors, and taking the vehicle out of your driveway, you must ensure there are no obstructions including pets and children.

Apply moderate speed

Always keep to the speed limit and even slow down for extra caution when pedestrians, cyclists, pets, or non-motorists are nearby. Cultivating patience and slowing down can avoid a lot of misery, especially when driving in school zones, shopping areas, or parks. It is necessary to make the place safe for the crowds as you look out for your own safety.

Having the best car insurance is essential because the roads and traffic behavior are unpredictable. With comprehensive car insurance, you may not have to worry much about the financials involved in setting things right in case of adverse events. The comprehensive coverage includes the most common disasters your vehicle may meet in your driving experience. With this broad cover, your savings remain safe in your bank account.

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