Guide to Spring Whale Migration in California

Throughout the year, whales move up and down the California coast in fairly predictable patterns. These giant mammals follow ancient routes determined by such factors as water temperature, food availability and the need for safety during the calving season. Spring whale watching in San Diego is a promising time as many migrating whale species show up off the coast. This gives you a splendid opportunity to spend a day out on the San Diego Bay and make special memories.

Spring weather in the area is noted for ample sunshine, longer days and warmer temperatures, making it the ideal time to be out on the water. Onboard a comfortable and safe sailing vessel, you can feel the breeze as you glide over the indigo waters. An experienced and knowledgeable crew knows how to locate these amazing denizens of the deep and teach about their fascinating lives in the world’s oceans.

What Whales Migrate During Spring?

Each season off the San Diego coast is special, and spring brings many of the biggest whales to the area. This is one of the few times and places in the world where it is possible to view blue whales, not only the largest whales but also the largest creature ever to roam planet Earth. They grow to nearly 100 feet long and 173 tons and are best seen in May. Several other large whales can be found in southern California in spring:

  • Gray whales reaching lengths of nearly 50 feet hang around the area through April.
  • Humpback whales over 50 feet long arrive in the area in early spring.
  • Fin whales, second in size only to blue whales, also appear at this time.

Whale behavior is complex in the spring months, giving you a great chance to see mothers with their calves as well as watch humpback whales frolic in the bay. Each outing is unique, but whales are spotted on nearly every trip. You also have the chance to see other whale species and marine creatures such as sea lions, dolphins and interesting birds.

How To See Spring Whale Migration

The process of booking a tour is simple and there are multiple places you can board a quality whale watching trip, whether you are in Los Angeles, San Diego, Encinitas or La Jolla. It is a good idea to book ahead of time, especially if you have a sizable group, and you can even book custom tours. Expect to spend several hours out on the water, as the crew searches the waters for whale activity. You can consult whale sightings today San Diego to see what leviathans have been spotted on recent trips.

When heading out on a beautiful sailing vessel, be sure to bring a few items for your comfort. A warm jacket or windbreaker is helpful, and you also want sunglasses and sun protection. A camera allows you to capture special moments and binoculars give you a better view of a humpback or fin whale sighting. Now is an excellent time to plan for and take advantage of the spring whaling season along coastal California.

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