Edmundo: “The Beast” who was his main enemy

History knows many great Brazilian football players. Some are talked about even many years after their departure. Someone right now pleases viewers from all over the world. The story of Edmundo begins in the standard way: in the slums of Rio. Teixeira de Freitas Street was only 30 kilometers from Ipanema, but for the locals there was no difference: that 30, that 3000. By the way, if you’re interested in betting, here you can find the best mobile betting website for your bets.

Reinaldo de Souza was not thinking about football, but about how to raise a family. Like his father, he was a barber, but the salary was clearly not enough. While his wife worked as a cleaning lady, he thought about how to provide his children, Edmundo and Luicinho, with a bright future. Well, they thought about how to escape from the dull everyday life. There was only one way out – football, which every kid played. Someone will say that the home of football is the nearby Maracana, but the local guys just shake their heads. The home of football is streets and beaches.

This young Edmundo did not bother – study was not for him. “Dinho”, as his friends and family called him, dreamed of playing ball. But if others were having fun, he had a mission. Of his entourage, only the blind did not see the natural talent of a youngster who effortlessly circled an opponent and moved with unchildish grace and confidence. He realized that he was good, and without a shadow of embarrassment trumpeted it to the whole world.

His aunt was the first to notice his talent. Maria often watched the children while the parents worked, and it was she who took Dinho with her to practice. In order to get to the city, it was necessary to take a ferry, but it was worth it, because Vasco performed there.

When he was 15, Edmundo received an invitation to the Botafogo youth team. Local coach Tinoko took one look at him and realized that he was a genius. So long, Teixeira. Hello city.

Looks like it’s a Hollywood success story. But more often than not, Edmundo knew only disappointment. He was destined to fight, and fight with himself. Even then, in Botafogo, his talent for destruction became obvious to everyone. Maria could not afford to constantly carry him, and he moved to a hostel. As soon as he unpacked his things, a series of scandals began. So, first of all, he decided to walk around the club area naked, for which he received a reprimand.

Fortunately, the mad geniuses at Vasco were understood. In any case, the club was in no hurry to say goodbye to the author of the amazing goal that Edmundo shipped in August 1991, rushing through the entire defense of the opponent. After that, everyone was waiting for his debut.

Having impressed in the reserve team, Edmundo ended up in the first team – coach Nelsinho immediately believed in him. And rightly so: in the debut game against Corinthians, the team celebrated a victory with a score of 4:1. The young revelation did not fly out of that composition again. Result: state championship win. Edmundo was a revelation: he played with Bebeto so much that no one could keep up with the team. One problem: a heavy character, the striker now and then quarreled with his teammates.

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