Cloud Storage vs Online Backup: Similarities & Differences

Although the diverse and charismatic technology of Cloud computing fathers way many meritorious segments, without a doubt, the realm is majorly governed by Cloud Storage or online backup services. In terms of words, these two services may sound a lot the same, certainly because backup simply means storing. However, in terms of offerings, features, and functionality these two Cloud computing solutions are distinct and best for specific uses.

In fact, these two services have also been nurturing confusion among individuals who find it hard to understand which of the two can basically be their need. Cloud reviews, in this regard, will help users understand what are the differences between Cloud Storage and online backup. So read on below, as we narrate a comparison on Cloud storage vs online backup.

Cloud Storage vs Online Backup – Which One is the Best?

We believe that the best answer to this question is yet another question – what are your requirements? If you have a computer system at home or at work that contains data that you just want to keep safe and disaster-proof, then you are better off with an Online Backup solution.

However, if you have a Mac at home, a PC at your office and you also carry smartphones with you, then you might want to look over a Cloud storage solution. On the other hand you if you somewhat fall into both categories then fortunately for you, there are providers out there who offer some kind of hybrid technology of both.

The pricing, plans, and features can all go over the chart, but I will try my best to break these two technologies more so you can make an informed decision for your needs.

What is an Online Backup Solution?

You would definitely have heard about Carbonite, SOS Online Backup, Crash Plan, and Backblaze via TV Shows, online ads, Apple gurus, or even through Radios. Well! These all are some of the popular online backup service providers.

An online backup simply copies your data from your computer into an array of Cloud servers to keep it safe. If you have in your computer sensitive files such as tax returns, statements, letters, spreadsheets and photos, and other vital information on which your life, home business, or organization depends then an online backup solution is a solution you should get right away.

However, up till recently, not only the Storage compounds of online backup are getting bigger and bigger, but they are also blurring in with the features of Cloud Storage.

What is a Cloud Storage Solution?

Cloud Storage can easily be considered as the modified version of an online backup solution. Cloud storage offers users a rapid synchronization solution that lets them their across multiple devices.

Whatever the information that you would like to store in the Cloud can not only be backed up into the Cloud but saved between several devices that you use.

Hence, the benefit of using Cloud storage is that all of your data is available on the devices that you regularly use. Even if that device is a computer in an internet café, a friend’s tablet, your Smartphone or even the masses through social media.

Features of Cloud Storage & Online Backup – You Might Want to Look for

There are many features that are important especially when it comes to online backup vs. cloud Storage; however, I am only highlighting the ones that really affect the cost and competition in contrast to both. Below, are the BIG 8 features that you need to take into consideration while choosing any online backup or Cloud Storage solution.

– Storage Capacity

This is the first thing that should come to your mind while you are choosing whether a Cloud Storage or an online backup solution. Many cloud storage providers offer up to 5GB of Storage on a basic account which is often free.

In Online backup, Storage exceeds unlimited for a single machine and often comes with a price. Of course, the more storage your want for multiple devices, the more you would have to pay.

– Device Compatibility

This feature is now also a common offering of some online backup solution providers, however, it is mainly considered as a thing for Cloud storage solutions.

This is the second most important thing that you should need to consider if you have way many devices in use and you want all of them to be compatible with your Storage or backup solution.

– Synchronization

If you want the information stored in your Cloud storage, to be available where ever your want and on the go, then this is the feature you need to look for when choosing cloud storage or online backup solution. However, synchronization defines Cloud Storage and it makes them act as an invisible hard drive for each of the devices you use.

– Version Control

This ability allows you to keep multiple features of the single file if it’s changed or edited at various stages. This is often required by lawyers, Business people, and the real stage where data consistently requires versioning. So if you are one of these, version control is what you need to look for in Cloud storage or an online backup solution.

– Share-ability

This ability is also considered the specialty of Cloud storage solutions; however, more and more online backup solutions are blending in with it. If you want to share data as public and private links or on social media websites then this is definitely what you need to determine in an online backup or Cloud Storage solution.

– Support and Assistance

Everything that needs power and connectivity can get off on the time. However, when this happens or if in case you lose your data, you always need to be addressed and helped by your service provider. A Reliable service provider always has great support service so make sure you get one at the time of your need.

– Easy-to-use

You don’t need to have a sophisticated or complex functionality when it comes to storing your data online. An easy interface that readily does everything you want must be your priority.

Hence it is always sensible to first use a trial period of an online Storage or cloud Storage provider, just so you know what is their interface is like.

– Security Encryption

Now, this is something not as important for home users, but highly for organizations that put sensitive information in the clouds. Things like financial records, your will, or trust documents need a high level of encryption to ensure that your data is as safe as possible.

Familiar With the Names of Cloud Storage & Online Backup – But Who Are the Best?

Whether it’s cloud storage or online backup, in both cases any provider achieves a distinction on the bases of their service, pricing, features, and support.

As we also mentioned above, these are the services that need to be your first consideration when it comes to choosing them or having a comparison on Cloud storage vs online backup.

However, to assist our readers in getting the best services out there, here we have compiled a list of Top 5 Cloud storage and online backup service providers.


As you can see that there are many considerations you need to think of when choosing a Cloud-based storage solution. On the other hand we are confident that this post would have clearly given a comparative analysis of cloud storage vs. online Backup.

Now, that you also have the list of some Top Notch providers; why not give them a try. If you feel that you want to further compare each provider, here is our recently launched comparison tool that will help you find out the best in them.

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