5 questions to ask an Ohio family law attorney

Any matter involving family law is usually emotionally-draining and complex. It could be something as simple as ending your marriage or more compound aspects like paternity and child custody. Regardless of the situation, it would help if you had an Ohio family law attorney on your side. The first meeting with a lawyer can feel overwhelming, especially if you have never hired or worked with one in the past. In this post, we are sharing the questions you must ask before engaging a lawyer.

  1. How long have you been handling family law cases in Ohio? You need to be sure that you are hiring an attorney who is locally based and has extensive experience handling similar cases. A lawyer may know everything about child custody battles, but they may not have the same kind of experience working on high-net divorces. Always hire a lawyer with a profile that suits your case.
  2. Can you share client references or testimonials? While personal injury lawyers don’t mind sharing details of their clients, family law attorneys often cannot do that as matters often involve confidentiality clauses. However, you can still ask for testimonials. You can also evaluate an attorney’s popularity by checking online reviews.
  3. How can I get in touch with you? Communication with your lawyer shouldn’t be an additional hassle. Ask the lawyer how you can contact them. Family law attorneys are busy people for sure, but they usually have a team that offers updates and talks to clients when needed. You should also ask how often you can meet them in person.
  4. What can I expect from the case? Experienced family lawyers have handled numerous similar matters, and while they cannot precisely predict the outcome of the case, they can help you understand the potential aspects. For instance, if you are seeking alimony, your lawyer can check basic details to suggest whether you should take up that battle.
  5. How much do I need to pay you? Ohio family law attorneys typically work on a retainer basis. If yours is a simple case with limited complications, the lawyer may take a flat fee, but you can expect an hourly rate for most matters. The lawyer can give you a ballpark, which may change depending on the circumstances.

Family law matters often involve people who are close to us, and some decisions are not easy. You need an attorney on your side because you wouldn’t want to deal with everything alone.

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