3 Ways to Use Visuals in Professional Communication

Professional communication can include visuals to sound more impressive and more appealing. Photos, videos, graphs, and infographics can help you communicate effectively with your partners and colleagues. There is an opinion that visuals are inappropriate for professional communication. 

However, this article will break the stereotypes about visuals in professional communication. Here you will find the three ways you can get the maximum of visuals used in professional communication. 

What is professional communication?

Before we jump onto how to use visuals during professional communication, let’s first understand what is meant by saying professional communication. It generally refers to how people communicate in the workplace, with their partners and other businesses, and run negotiations and business meetings. 

It can also refer to the communication through unified communication channels or on coworking space software where team members communicate with each other on a professional basis. 

Using visuals

There are several ways you can use visuals during professional communication. Some options would include using explanatory or informative videos during presentations, images, and photos in presentations and onboarding process, infographics in business meetings and in marketing strategies to retain customers, etc. 

Videos in presentations

We all know presentations are part of business communication on a large scale. Business pitches, new product or service introductions, or daily gatherings are a constant part of daily business deals. Therefore, including informational or informative videos during presentations is unavoidable. 

There are several video editing tools that can help you put together great videos for your presentations. Take a look at Splice review and use it to get fast and high-quality videos for your presentations. Videos can help you effectively transfer the intended content’s true meaning and ensure high responsiveness to your presentations. 

Photos during the onboarding process

When new hires join your team, you must present them with the work procedures, the essence of their tasks, responsibilities, and duties, not forgetting to transfer them good vibes about your company’s ethics and work environment. 

Photos and images are great for completing this task successfully. You can accept photo challenges of your employees and get magnificent shots of them during their work, fun gatherings, and team-building. While photos might be freestyle, you can incorporate them into your onboarding process and gently present those as part of your professional communication with newbies. 

Infographics during meetings

Another great sample for using visuals in professional communication is the use of infographics and graphs during meetings. To present important data in a more straightforward and easy-to-understand way, you can consider using infographics and charts during your daily catch-up meetings with your team members at your workplace. 

The use of visuals can ease the process of delivering important information to your staff members and ensure close attention during meetings. 


Professional communication can include the use of visuals for smoother communication and collaboration. With this in mind, you can consider using photos and images during new employees’ onboarding process, videos in informative presentations, and infographics and graphs in business meetings. It will grab the attention of your coworkers and ensure the smooth deliverability of the desired information. 

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